February 27-March 5, 2024

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7


  • For the opportunity CCI/Ukraine staff had last week to be involved in a Christian camp session for Ukrainian soldiers who had been in Russian captivity and are now going through a psychological and spiritual rehabilitation program. In camps like this, we both serve and learn.
  • For a one-day camp for 33 teenagers in Armenia. The campers had a great time in a Christian setting, playing, and studying the Bible.
  • For the winter youth camp for 28 young adults in Georgia, focused on spiritual growth.
  • For 4000 Samaritan’s Purse gift boxes for children’s and camp ministries in Country X, which allowed churches to continue outreach among children.
  • For Camp Circle of Friends, Lviv, which held a follow-up meeting called Who Are You? for 20 campers, discussing God’s attributes, studying the Bible, engaging in crafts, games, and prayer.
  • For the Prayer Vigil in Winnipeg, February 24, with 107 people praying fervently, asking God for a miracle – Peace in Ukraine.


  • CCI/Ukraine’s instructors are teaching a leadership training seminar for 80 leaders from 20 camps. The focus is on camp counseling, sports, and war-trauma-related psychological literacy.
  • CCI/Armenia and CCI/Georgia are preparing their Easter and STW programs for this spring, meeting with children’s ministers, and recruiting instructors.
  • The CCI/Country X volunteers are working on their three Easter Day-Camps. Leader M. is holding personal meetings with camp leaders from various churches to encourage and motivate them to be engaged in this ministry.
  • Camp Circle of Friends is organizing their next club meeting dedicated to Easter, and are having meetings with the staff and praying together.


  • For Christian camps as they prepare for their Spring camps, Easter programs, and Summer camps. They are writing Jesus-centered camp curricula, recruiting and training staff, securing facilities, raising funds, and preparing to open camper registrations.
  • For victory in Ukraine.  Ukraine’s military resources to defend its sovereignty is almost depleted. Help is desperately needed.
  • For the upcoming Camp Bakuriani in the mountains of Georgia, for the safety of the campers and staff, and for campers to respond to the gospel.
  • For M’s meetings in Country X, asking the Lord to give words of encouragement for camp ministry leaders; for the Easter camps, that more families will join churches through these camps.
  • For every camper at Camp Circle of Friends to grow into a strong, powerful, and dedicated Christian camp leader.
  • For Pavlo B., CCI/Ukraine staff, who is in the hospital being treated for high blood pressure resulting from the stress of war, his burden for the camp ministry, and the safety of his family.

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