THIS WEEK – March 31 – April 6

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff


 “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry.”

Psalm 34:15


  • For peace of mind and a renewed spirit of prayer God is giving His people in these difficult circumstances.
  • For camps that do not give up and continue to work on their summer programs in the hope of God’s mercy.
  • For new opportunities. We are coping with the quarantine situation by working on an online version of our ministry. Registration for the online CampDays Staff Training Workshop is open – camp leaders are showing much interest
  • For our faithful donors. So far we have paid the salaries to all our staff on time.
  • For Golden House Camp who had 3 summer sessions last year hosting 110 children, 60 youth and 18 families – 40% of campers were non-Christians. Now the team is starting meetings to plan the coming summer sessions. They believe that the quarantine will end very soon.


  • Vladimir Shevchenko is working on communication with the CCI-Ukraine donors to see how they are doing and what we can pray for, specifically for them.
  • CCI/Ukraine staff is choosing an online platform, determining the priorities of the courses that they will launch in the first set. We are working on the Strategic Plan of the online training project, making its budget, and sending the budget to KVI.
  • All the churches in Georgia are united in prayer for this global problem to be solved as soon as possible and for Christian camps to be able to serve youth this summer.
  • Despite the current situation, CCI/Armenia staff is working on their Easter program and organizing prayer services among ladies.
  • CCI-Country X staff reports all church services will be online. The government has asked churches to cancel all in-person meetings.


  • Ask God to help all who support Christian ministries worldwide. Economies in countries are suffering. Camping is suffering as well. We believe new opportunities will unfold. Our staff are working hard to respond to the current challenges and to get ready for new opportunities.
  • Pray for CCI/Ukraine instructors who are preparing their courses for online teaching.
  • The spring camps in the former Soviet Union have already been cancelled. During the quarantine, camps are trying to reach out to their campers online.
  • Pray for Camp Shoulder-to-Shoulder as their June Day Camp in a public school for 120 campers in Kharkiv, Ukraine is in question due to COVID-19. Pray for their need of 10 counselors and a program leader.
  • Pray for the Lord to use COVID-19 for His Glory, and for the courage and boldness to speak about Christ with even greater force.


Our staff in the former Soviet Union appreciates your prayers for the projects they are working on currently. God is continuing to turn the hearts of thousands of youth to Him and to churches through the camping ministries.

pngThankYouBadgeWelcome to Kingdom Ventures Inc - Youth Camps

The fervent prayers and generous financial support of KVI Youth Camps faithful people have contributed to a fruitful 2014 camping season. Camp staff was schooled at five training events after which they opened hundreds of camps to serve thousands of youth. In spite of the war in Ukraine, most camps operated, although at 70% capacity because parents were reluctant to let their children travel. Almost all camps had some campers from the war zone. We will tell you more at HymnSing.

We are honored to have the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus as our guests at HymnSing Sunday, September 28, 6:00 p.m. The 34-voice Slavic A Capella Choir will sing hymns and spirituals, sacred classics and Ukrainian folk songs. You will hear stories of God’s awesome deeds in the camps and among the refugees from the war zone of Ukraine. Click on ‘HymnSing’ below to learn more. Join Ruth Ens and the KVI HymnSing team at Calvary Temple on September 28 at 6:00 p.m.