July 11 – July 17, 2023

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Colossians 4:2


  • For 19 leadership training events in Ukraine and three in Transcaucasia this spring and summer, attended by 2283 camp leaders from 365 camps. Praise God for inspiring and preserving these leaders to operate their camps this summer.
  • For Camp Maranatha, a one-week Kurdish Church Camp in Tbilisi, Georgia, with 70 campers. The children and staff praised the Lord for a wonderful week of joyous experiences.
  • For Camp Living Waters in Zholti Vody, Ukraine, a 5-day Day Camp for 90 campers, including Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and those who lost their fathers in the war. The program focused on sharing the boundless love of God and teaching the importance of prayer and allowing time for sports and fun activities.


  • Many camps are in session or about to start. CCI/Ukraine staff is visiting camps that are in session and consulting on operational issues, reporting requirements and distributing campership funds. They are also catching up with office work and red tape that needs to be done.
  • CCI/Armenia is visiting Camp Church Upper Room attended by 125 campers, ages 9-16, and 25 staff, and Camp Shoghik attended by 200 campers and 45 staff.
  • Camp Living Waters is conducting 3 Day-Camp sessions in their church this summer. This week is their second 5-day session for teenagers.


  • Every day Russia inflicts pain and destruction upon Ukraine, causing physical harm to thousands, and emotional stress to tens of millions. Pray for Russia’s complete withdrawal from Ukraine. Pray that the explosives planted by Russia at the Zaporizhia Atomic Power Plant will not be discharged.
  • For the following four camps in Country X: Those Who Belong to Jesus, Garden of Eden, Star of The East, and God’s Sheep.
  • For camps in the Republic of Georgia, where campsites are scarce. CCI/Georgia staff has made arrangements with a church that owns a campsite, to operate it as a rental facility for 12 churches this summer.
  • Camp Living Waters, Ukraine, is located near the front lines. Ask God to protect the staff, campers, and the campsite from all harm and evil during the entire summer, so that the evangelistic ministry will not be interrupted and many campers will be transformed through the touch of Divine Love.
  • That the abduction of Ukrainian children by Russian soldiers would be stopped, and the thousands of Ukrainian children forced to live in Russia will be returned to their homeland and their parents.      

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