April 2 – 8, 2024

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff

“ his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24


  •  For protection of millions of Ukrainians from the Russian missiles that have been raining down on Ukraine in the last two weeks, targeting Ukraine’s energy generating capacity and terrorizing its people. Unfortunately, the hydro-electric dam and power station at Zaporizhia was bombed and is no longer operating.
  • For the fruitful meetings with the STW Educational Track Instructors and program teams in Armenia and Georgia that took place last week.
  • That during the four-day Day Camp for 26 children in Country X10 campers accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour.
  • That Camp LevelUP team from Ukraine has weekly club meetings for 20 children in the front-line zone.
  • For the courage He gives Ukrainian people including camp leaders to keep up with their daily work and ministry during the war.


  •  Traveling in Ukraine during the war is very risky, so camp leaders have asked us for more regional seminars close to their homes. Therefore, CCI/Ukraine has added a seventh regional seminar in Ukraine for early June. Praise God, our camp leaders are so determined to run camps with excellence this summer.
  • Camp Tomorrow, Armenia, is organizing an Easter festival for 35 teenagers and young adults in their church to celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • CCI/Country X volunteers are participating in a four-day Day Camp at a local church for 15 campers.
  • Camp LevelUp is running a one-day Day Camp for 30 campers on April 6, featuring a Bible lesson about Easter, sweet treats, and games.


  • For CCI Ukraine’s second regional camp leadership seminar in central Ukraine, scheduled for April 6; travel safety for the instructors and participants; no missile attacks so the training program is not interrupted; fervent prayer time, worship, training, networking, and inspiration.
  • That the Day Camp in Country X will inspire children to welcome Jesus into their hearts. Also pray for the health of CCI/Country X staff, so that nothing interferes with the upcoming camp and STW.
  • For the upcoming Staff Training Workshops in Armenia and Georgia; for the recruitment of the needed STW staff and for more camp leaders to join the workshops.
  • For safety and peace at Camp LevelUp. All children from the Zaporizhia region are experiencing hard times, being in constant danger of Russian missiles. Pray that this camp time will provide relief and joy to campers.

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