THIS WEEK – July 7-13

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff


“Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.”

Psalm 55:17


  • For the precious fellowship Vladimir had with four individual leaders exchanging blessings and challenges and praying together.
  • For alert guards and God’s hand of protection over Camp Maximum’s climbing wall which vandals tried to set on fire!
  • For the two camp leaders from Armenia and Ukraine, who shared their experience via ZOOM with our participants, as part ofthe Camp in Lockdown
  • For the camp directors’active chat, sharing their experiences and asking questions about legal ways of working during the lockdown.
  • For the 25 camp leaders who participated in Tatiana’s webinar “Building Your Staff Team” for the youth ministry team in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
  • For a CCI/Ukraine partner who wants to support several day camps serving campers for free during this pandemic time.


  • Vladimir is contacting the camp directors whose camps might be eligible for financial support and is discussing with them the terms for this support. Pavel is preparing the monthly reports for the Board of Trustees. Oksana is planning the autumn ReCamp conference, as well as our project offering our courses globally. Alexey is checking the course tests that students sent in and is working on the ReCamp autumn conference. Tatiana is leading a webinar on “How to Work with Children Through the Zoom Platform” and teaching two webinars for the team in Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as collecting information about camps operating in her region in order to visit them this summer. Dasha is gathering information about Christian camps in Kriviy Rih to visit these camps and their projects.
  • Valeri, CCI/Georgia, is working on the webinar support and on financial reports.
  • Mikhail, CCI/Country X, is giving assistance to camp leaders as they are preparing various interactive activities with their campers. Mikhail attended the CCI/Ukraine virtual training in May and June and is now using this knowledge in his country.


  • Please keep in your prayers all camps that are getting ready to run this summer and are in the process of getting approvals from the officials. The officials are afraid to sign the permits, because they do not feel protected by the law.
  • Ask God to protect all camps from vandals, covid-19 infection, and to bless all camps with peace and joy in our Lord Jesus.
  • For Astghik (CCI/Armenia) that she will experience complete recovery from Covid-19.


Our staff in the former Soviet Union appreciates your prayers for the projects they are working on currently. God is continuing to turn the hearts of thousands of youth to Him and to churches through the camping ministries.

pngThankYouBadgeWelcome to Kingdom Ventures Inc - Youth Camps

The fervent prayers and generous financial support of KVI Youth Camps faithful people have contributed to a fruitful 2014 camping season. Camp staff was schooled at five training events after which they opened hundreds of camps to serve thousands of youth. In spite of the war in Ukraine, most camps operated, although at 70% capacity because parents were reluctant to let their children travel. Almost all camps had some campers from the war zone. We will tell you more at HymnSing.

We are honored to have the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus as our guests at HymnSing Sunday, September 28, 6:00 p.m. The 34-voice Slavic A Capella Choir will sing hymns and spirituals, sacred classics and Ukrainian folk songs. You will hear stories of God’s awesome deeds in the camps and among the refugees from the war zone of Ukraine. Click on ‘HymnSing’ below to learn more. Join Ruth Ens and the KVI HymnSing team at Calvary Temple on September 28 at 6:00 p.m.