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March 2 – 8, 2021

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff   www.kvicanada.org

“So we fasted and petitioned our God about this, and He answered our prayer“. Ezra 8:23


  • For the many opportunities CCI/Ukraine staff had last week to interact with people via teaching four webinars, speaking on three youth ministry shows and interviewing 45 camp directors.
  • Camp Canaan, Ukraine, has already registered 200 children for summer camp. Parents are more eager than ever to send their children to camp this summer. Thankful for the faithfulness of the camp leaders.
  • Narek Camp, Armenia, is thankful for outdoor Kids Games for 25 campers, aged 6-12. As well as two follow-up programs with 12 staff in the church: for 70 kids, aged 6-12 years old, 49 of them are non-Christians.
  • Philadelphia Church Camp, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine is thankful for their Christmas project for 52 campers, 5 of the campers are from non-Christian families. For 6 dedicated staff on their team.


  • CCI/Ukraine staff: We have launched our CampDays-2021 Conference registration campaign. We are excited about the opportunity to meet online for the theoretical part of the program in April, and in person in a camp to go through the practical application module in May. Hopefully Covid will not interfere so we can run our events without a hitch.
  • Narek Camp, Armenia, runs a club in the local church for 40 children and 25 teenagers with 20 counselors and 25 counselors-in-training every Sunday.
  • Philadelphia Church Camp has been running a kids club since November. Six staff meets with 20 children and 20 teenage campers every Saturday for master classes, worship time, Bible lessons, a lot of games and fun activities.


  • Pray for CCI/Ukraine to think through the right practical learning experiences we should have in place for the case-studies, simulations and experiential learning activities at CampDays-2021.
  • Pray for Narek Camp, Armenia. For the spiritual growth of campers and staff; for the parents of non-Christian campers to come to church; for a venue to run their summer projects, there is a big need for a camp site.
  • Intercede for Philadelphia Church Camp, for the coming summer season. They plan to run a resident camp for 80 and a day-camp for 30 campers.
  • Pray for peace in the Republic of Georgia.  There is rioting in the streets.


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