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July 20 – July 26, 2021

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff   www.kvicanada.org

“Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.” Proverbs 21:21


  • For 56 out of 58 Christian residential campsites we are aware of in Ukraine, Moldova and Transcaucasia which are in operation this summer. We estimate at least 300 camps running as rental groups this summer. We are thankful for the opportunities and do not take it for granted.
  •  For Camp Grigor Narekatsi, Armenia – their online meetings for 90 campers, ages 12-19, 35 from non-Christian families. For weekly meetings led by 7 staff in the past year. Campers played musical instruments, played games, and had Bible study.
  •  For Camp Dreamers, Ukraine. They held two resident camps for 150 campers with 15 staff during the lockdown last summer. 120 campers were from non-Christian families.


  • Our staff in Ukraine are re-united after visiting camps and working at camps to mark the middle of summer, to plan and evaluate before we do more camps and camp visitations.
  •  Camp Grigor Narekatsi runs in-person Bible Study Club for 30 teenage campers every Sunday. The camp team is meeting to pray and work on their 5-day Day Camp for kids in their local church and a 3-day resident camp for teenagers scheduled for August.
  •  Camp Dreamers is running a second camp session for 67 campers; 54 of them are from non-Christian families. The team is going to run two more camp sessions this summer in the Carpathians with 40 campers and 15 staff each. 


  •  Pray for the wisdom every counselor needs to recognize and help campers to apply the teachable moments that happen at camp every day. Some teachable moments are planned; others happen impromptu.
  •  Pray that campers will accept Jesus as their personal Savior and grow in Him.
  •  Pray for Camp Grigor Narekatsi. Forspiritual growth of the campers and staff; for the parents of non-Christian campers; for their follow-up projects; and that their camp remains true to their mission.
  •  For Camp Dreamers. Pray for the camp team; 8 of their 10 staff were campers and are now grown up and have joined the team. Pray for the camp’s leadership team. They want to be great examples to their campers, showing them unconditional love. Their dream is to run camps year round; pray for this dream to come true.


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