THIS WEEK – August 4-10

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff


“… The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

James 5:16


  • For our supporters who so far this year have made it possible for us to pay all our bills, salaries and taxes without delay.
  • For KVI’s generous donors who provided 129 camperships to date for children from needy families to attend Christian camps in Ukraine this summer.
  • For the first live seminar that we ran last week. Tatiana was invited to a Camp for Young Adults and taught on Incorporating Intentional Interactions into Events that we Plan and Run.
  • For the teams in Georgia that are preparing to run camps in August. For the improvement of the situation in the greenhouses as the insect medicines have been effective. Thankful that Salvation Army ran a 2-day camp and it was a success.
  • For Camp “Penuel”, Ukraine. They ran a family camp session (July 24-27) for 21 families with 31 kids and 8 staff, and a session for 40 youth (July 28-31), 15% non-Christians.


  • CCI/Ukraine staff: Vladimir is making arrangements with international instructors to teach at the virtual ReCamp-2020 International Christian Camp Leadership Conference (ICCLC), November 5-7. Pavel is finishing the ReCamp-2020 budget and is working with the accountant on financial documents. Alexey is preparing the advertising campaign for the ReCamp-2020, as well as recruiting Russian-speaking webinar instructors. Tatiana is translating documents for ReCamp-2020. Dasha and Oksana are involved with their church teams in running their camps this week. We encourage our full-time staff to be involved in running a camp for at least one session during summer.
  • Valeri, CCI/Georgia, is preparing the CCI campsite for rental groups; having meetings with the camp directors to discuss current issues, and pray together for current needs.
  • Astghik, CCI/Armenia, is holding an online ministry among women and teenagers.
  • Mikhail, CCI/Country X – still in lockdown – is running their online meetings and camps.


  • For God’s guidance as the CCI/Ukraine team pull together all bits and pieces of the virtual ReCamp-2020 International Christian Camp Leadership Conference (ICCLC), November 5-7, into one big picture.
  • Pray for God to provide and prepare the instructors, as well as the camp leaders, to participate in our virtual ReCamp-2020 ICCLC.
  • Pray for Camp Shalom, Ukraine, in session August 3-8; 45 children and 25 youth are expected to attend.
  • Camp Level Up is scheduled for August 14-21. Pray for safety from the virus, for wisdom in planning the program, taking into account all quarantine restrictions, and for God to do His work in the hearts of the campers.


Our staff in the former Soviet Union appreciates your prayers for the projects they are working on currently. God is continuing to turn the hearts of thousands of youth to Him and to churches through the camping ministries.

pngThankYouBadgeWelcome to Kingdom Ventures Inc - Youth Camps

The fervent prayers and generous financial support of KVI Youth Camps faithful people have contributed to a fruitful 2014 camping season. Camp staff was schooled at five training events after which they opened hundreds of camps to serve thousands of youth. In spite of the war in Ukraine, most camps operated, although at 70% capacity because parents were reluctant to let their children travel. Almost all camps had some campers from the war zone. We will tell you more at HymnSing.

We are honored to have the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus as our guests at HymnSing Sunday, September 28, 6:00 p.m. The 34-voice Slavic A Capella Choir will sing hymns and spirituals, sacred classics and Ukrainian folk songs. You will hear stories of God’s awesome deeds in the camps and among the refugees from the war zone of Ukraine. Click on ‘HymnSing’ below to learn more. Join Ruth Ens and the KVI HymnSing team at Calvary Temple on September 28 at 6:00 p.m.