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May 4 – 10, 2021

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff   www.kvicanada.org

“Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16


  • For every camp leader who is attending our in-person training events this week, both as participants and as event instructors and staff. In fact, these two events are missional in nature. We are sending a message to the camping community that they should be inspired and never give up; that they should look for safe ways to create temporary communities for spiritual objectives this summer; we are trying our best to run these in-person events following proper health protocols.
  • For Rustavi Camp, Georgia. For 4 camps last year: 2 family camps (a winter camp in Bakuriani for 40 participants and a summer camp in Ureki for 33 participants); a Day Camp in Tianeti for 27 campers (7-14 years old) – all were non-Christians. And a resident youth camp on Lake Bazaleti for 57 campers (15 to 30 years old).  7 of the campers were non-Christians.
  • For The House of the Gospel church camp, Mariupol, Ukraine. For the planned projects that took place last summer: resident camp with 48 campers and 8 staff. Only 2 campers were from Christian families.


  • This week we are holding in-person Staff Training Workshops (STW) in Ukraine, May 7-9, and in Armenia, May 6-10. We expect 100 participants in Ukraine and 70 participants in Armenia. The theme of the CampDays STW in Ukraine is “And the Truth Will Set You Free” (John 8:33). The theme of the STW in Armenia is “They Had Been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13b).
  • Rustavi Camp, Georgia, runs discipleship clubs, both in-person and online, for 25 campers from various parts of Georgia who attended their camps last year. They are preparing for summer resident and day-camp programs for at least 80 campers.
  • The House of the Gospel church camp, Ukraine, is running staff meetings every week and preparing for two summer camps.


The training events in Ukraine and Armenia this weekend are bold steps of faith for our staff, for the instructors, and for the participants.

  • Pray fervently for protection from Covid during travel.
  • Pray that affordable travel will be available to every participant registered to attend.
  • Pray for mild weather without wind since many of the sessions will be outdoors to meet Covid requirements.
  • Thank God for the presence of the Holy Spirit and pray that each staff, instructor and participant would experience his presence and power.
  • Pray for Vladimir who will present three messages at the Ukraine event.
  • Thank God for the opportunity of fellowship at these events and pray that everyone would be encouraged and inspired to go forward in their camp mission.


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