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October 12 – 18, 2021

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff   www.kvicanada.org

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

This week we focus on the CCI Ukraine Covenant Group Forum scheduled for November 3-6 in Lviv, Ukraine.The purpose of the Forum is to engage key Christian camp leaders to spearhead the camp ministry strategy developed by the CCI Ukraine board and staff for the next three years. The strategy is based on our survey of 50 camps earlier this year.


  • For the 60 senior leaders representing 30 camps from Ukraine and Moldova that have responded with enthusiasm and have adjusted their schedules in order to attend the Covenant Group Forum.
  • For Camp Circle of Friends, Lviv, and their cozy multipurpose hotel-camp-conference facility they have made available for us to use for the Forum at a non-commercial rate.
  • For God’s guidance in outlining the training program that combines the development of permanent communities and temporary communities.
  • For CCI/Ukraine’s 25th Anniversary. One of the evening sessions will be devoted to thanking God for his faithfulness and awesome deeds throughout these twenty-five years.


  • Camp, with its year-round evangelism and follow-up programs, is a permanent community. The camp’s individual sessions are temporary communities. Both play important roles. CCI/Ukraine as an association of camp leaders is a permanent community. Each of CCI’s events is a transformational temporary community. In this Forum we will lead our key camp leaders in mastering these concepts, so we can together apply them to CCI/Ukraine’s development.
  • Because Covid is rampant in Ukraine, we must be ready for restrictions. This week we are studying the regulations and are looking for ways to comply. If all are fully vaccinated or have PCR-tests we can meet even if the area is in the red quarantine zone.


  • Pray for the Covid situation in Ukraine, particularly in the region where our Forum is to take place. We would like it to be no higher than the yellow quarantine zone so we could operate without additional hassle.
  • Pray that our participants get time off from their regular work. If many employees get sick with Covid, the managers will not be willing to let the others take a leave of absence.
  • Pray that the following goals will be achieved: enthusiasm to volunteer for CCI/Ukraine in organizing local training events for camp leaders; promoting Christian camping in their regions; and helping bring people to our training and networking events. All this helps to strengthen CCI/Ukraine as a sustainable community of Christian camp leaders on Mission with God.


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