Sept 27- Oct 3, 2022

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff

“The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.”  Psalm 29:11


  • That our staff and their families are alive, warm, have food to eat, and energy to work.
  • That the pastor, whose church was confiscated by Russian soldiers on September 11, and his wife were not put into the torture cellar, but are safe in another city.
  • For CCI/Country X taking part in a prayer gathering with camp leaders and children’s ministers. 15 campers took part in “The Greatest Journey” program.
  • For Camp the Ark, Lviv, Ukraine that ran a three-day camp for 85 campers and 12 staff in a church with a bomb shelter, and another camp in a nearby village. The programs were full of Bible study hours, music lessons, crafts and sports.


  • Our accountant’s family and neighbours were killed when their van was blown up by an anti-tank blast. They drove over a Russian mine left on a rural road.
  • We are grieving two of our camp colleagues. Pastor Eugene was killed by a stray Russian shell splinter. His church ran camps in eastern Ukraine. Sister Natalia, an experienced camp leader, was killed when the car she and her colleague were in was shot down by a Russian tank. They were evacuating disabled people.


  • CCI Ukraine is preparing a new counselor training course to help camp directors provide basic training for their new counselors. Our staff is also assisting camps with guidelines required for us to forward donations for winterizing their facilities.
  • County X staff is running a Bible study club for 20 teenagers twice a week.
  • Camp the Ark team has a follow-up club every Sunday at the local church. Campers come to spend 3 hours in a great atmosphere, play games, and listen to God’s Word.


  •  For God to deal with the Russian aggressors in His sovereign way. For Ukraine’s complete victory in this war: liberation of all its territories from the Russian occupiers.
  • For CCI/Country X staff, their families and their health. For harmony among all leaders and unconditional love for all campers.
  • For Camp the Ark team and campers who spent time together this summer, so their new friendships will grow and bear fruit.

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