Staff Members

Staff Members

Telling Jesus’ Story: With the 2000 Christian youth camps operating in the former Soviet Union, “we have only scratched the surface”. There are 30 million school-age children in the FSU; most of them have never heard about Jesus. Will you help us continue to tell the JESUS STORY?

Vladimir Shevchenko
– Chief Executive Officer

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience at our seminars and conferences by teaching the Bible and courses on Leadership and Management, Experiential and Adventure Learning, Creating Unforgettable Experiences, Biblical Foundations, and History of Christian Camping. My passion is to make our staff successful and to help all of us implement our strategic plan to fulfill the Great Commission, helping camps to create life-changing experiences where boys and girls encounter Jesus.”

Oksana Magdych
– Director of Training Programs

“I am in charge of the entire educational department, developing courses, organizing and managing CCI’s many seminars, conferences and Instructor Training events. Teaching Psychology, Pedagogy, Generational Theory, and Leadership and Management inspires me. I thank God for calling and equipping me for this ministry.”

Pavel Bakum
– Membership Director

“I provide legal support for Christian camps, help camp directors network and exchange experiences and manage CCI/ Ukraine’s finances. I also oversee CCI/Ukraine’s relations with government officials. In camping conferences I teach Program Leading, Stage Techniques and Creativity.”

Valeri Buiglishvili
– CCI-Georgia and Transcaucasia Director

“I am a full-time staff overseeing CCI ministry in Georgia and the Transcaucasus. I plan and organize training events and conferences. I also direct Camp Grapevine, a rental facility used by churches for their summer camps. I also direct three weeks of our own programs. I work with the future generations of my country and I take this very seriously. Listening to the testimonies of the many campers who choose Jesus and observing their changed lives gives me joy.”

Daria Stepanchenko
– Administrative Assistant

“It was God’s answer to my prayer when I was invited to join the CCI/Ukraine staff. I enjoy interacting with people, answering phone calls and emails, making arrangements for meetings, looking after office supplies, maintaining and updating mailing lists, and collecting stories of God’s awesome deeds. And what I love most about camp is seeing campers fall in love with Jesus.”

Tatiana Levchuk
– Camp Consultant

“I am happy to be a CCI-Ukraine staff member because I am being developed as a resourceful camp consultant. I know how important it is to get good training in order to be an effective camp leader. My teaching focus is Christian Camp Counseling, Program Leading and Camp Program Development.”

– CCI Coordinator

“I am the CCI Coordinator for camping in Country X where Christian camps are forbidden. My role is to organize leadership training events and to keep camp directors and sponsoring churches inspired in these very difficult and risky circumstances. Our driving purpose is to make disciples of children and youth in our country that persecutes Christians.”

Astghik Mikaelyan
– CCI-Armenia Coordinator

“It is painful for me to see children and youth reject the Good News. I searched for activities to effectively reach our children with the gospel. I chair the CCI committee which organizes Staff Training Workshops and Camp Conferences. I teach the Staff Training Workshop Group Leaders course, visit camps, and write reports. Keeping in touch with camp directors throughout the year, encouraging follow-up, organizing prayer meetings and inspiring churches who don’t have camps to get involved is what I enjoy doing. I am thankful that God has entrusted me with this ministry.”