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“The prayer of a righteousness man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

We appreciate all of our Prayer Partners and thank you for your continued prayer for Kingdom Ventures Inc.

Prayer Partners This Week

THIS WEEK – October 20-26

Published weekly by CCI/Ukraine Staff


“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”

Psalm 62:8


  • For our faithful staff, determined to make the virtual 2020 ReCamp Nov 5-7 Conference happen even though 3 of the 6 staff are suffering with Covid-based pneumonia.
  • CCI/Armenia is grateful to God for peace in their souls during the war, that the church continues to proclaim God’s Word, that many soldiers have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.
  • Camp Rustav, Georgia, thanks for the two family camp sessions with 73 campers; a resident youth camp with 57 campers (7 non-Christians) and a village day-camp with 27 campers (all non-Christians). Eight campers now attend their church.
  • Camp “Family Values”, Lviv, Ukraine, had a mini-camp project for 11 non-Christian campers on July 20-31, and a Prodigal Son follow-up program in September. All 11 campers attend church on Sundays.


  • CCI/Ukraine staff: the entire team is working on participant registrations, instructor online-logistics and finalizing the non-academic programs, as well as checking the ZOOM capabilities for ReCamp.
    With Dave Loewen we are starting our Crossroads Prayer Project for the next two weeks; sending prayer messages to our constituency to guide them in meditation on God’s plan for us in times of uncertainty.
  • Valeri, CCI/Georgia, is working on conference material, translation, and registration for ReCamp-2020. Astghik, CCI/Armenia, is leading Bible studies for women and teenagers. Her team is helping refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh and promoting ReCamp-2020 in Armenia. Mikhail, CCI/Country X, is holding a virtual prayer meeting of the CCI committee to pray for their country which is at war.
  • Camp Rustavi, Georgia, holds youth meetings after the main Sunday morning service in the local church. They worship, do Bible studies, play teambuilding games, and teach their youth how to be missionaries.
  • Camp “Family Values” is having weekly staff prayer meetings and working on their camp program for the next season.


  • Pray for the ReCamp-2020 organizers and participants to be focused on God and His Mission in this world. May God lead us in His ways of serving people via Christian camps in this uncertain Covid-driven world!
  • Pray for a minimum of 35 participants in each of the seven ReCamp-2020 tracks.
  • CCI/Country X is asking to intercede for the campers’ parents to join their children for the online meetings. May they see the importance of a God-centered life!
  • Camp Rustavi, Georgia, asks us to pray for their own campsite to operate their sessions all summer at affordable cost.
  • Camp “Family Values” asks us to pray for one more staff person on their team and for next year’s camp project.


Our staff in the former Soviet Union appreciates your prayers for the projects they are working on currently. God is continuing to turn the hearts of thousands of youth to Him and to churches through the camping ministries.


Pavel B.

CCI/Ukraine Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  1. Giving direction and encouragement to our staff
  2. Thank God for the inspirational Staff Training Workshop attended by 120 camp leaders representing 24 camps and 11 denominations.
    Student comments:
    “Very useful, instructive, lively, interesting , fun.”
    “Deep and practical knowledge”
    “I discovered that if my life is in God’s hands, all other things will seem basic and simple.”
  3. Renovations of the office in Kiev to make it suitable for a leadership training center are under way. Ask God to watch over the entire process so the job will be done right and within budget.
  4. Our model tent campsite is in operation for the season. Ask God’s protection from vandals, accidents and health issues. Thank God for the camp and ask Him to bless all who serve and camp there.
  5. My wife is expecting twins in August. Pray for a healthy pregnancy especially when my work often takes me away from home.
Vladimir Shevchenko - A

Vladimir Shevchenko

Program and Leadership Development Director

  1. Teaching at various staff training seminars organized by individual camps and churches
  2. Visiting camps while they are in operation to encourage camp leaders, see firsthand what they are doing, pick up good ideas to share with other camps, help them identify and solve their problems and at the same time nurture productive relationships.
  3. Travelling with and interpreting for Dave Loewen, July 11-16 in Ukraine

Nakhshun K.

Office Administrator

  1. Praise God for supplying all the staff needed for the May 19-23 STW and for a full slate of students. Thank you for your prayers.
  2. I am currently processing camper registrations for Alpha Teens Camp and Vertical Boys Camp. Ask God to send more campers.
  3. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the camping community of Ukraine. Ask God to bless me with health, strength and wisdom to provide adequate service.

Viktor K.

Camp Vertical Leadership Program Coordinator

  1. Ask God for wisdom as I write the VLP Bible Studies
  2. Preparing to lead VLP is occupying all my time
  3. Please continue to pray for our 7 year-old son who has begun to stutter.
IMG_4176 ViktoriaK_Ajpg

Viktoria K.

Alpha Teens Camp Program Director

  1. Thank you for supporting the May 19-23 STW Group Leaders with prayer. They were great and performed at a high level.

  2. Thank God for supplying the staff for Teens Camp, July 4-15. We are still in need of one female and one male counselor.
  3. Please ask God to fill Teen Camp with 72 campers.
  4. I am the director of Orphan Camp, June 20-26. Thank God for the opportunity to give the teenage orphans a touch of God’s love. Pray that the orphans will be able to forgive all those who have abused them and give all their hurts, disappointments, mistrust, anger and hatred to God.
  5. Ask God to equip me and to fill me with truth and grace to lead the Teen Camp program to His glory.
Pavel K - Vertical Director_A

Pavel K.

Alpha Campsite Director
Camp Vertical Follow-up Director

  1. Tanya and I have moved into our new home. We thank God for the great privilege of owning our own home. Our yard serves as the year-round storage place for the Alpha tent camp. Ask God to place His hedge of protection around our property.
  2. Alpha Tent camp with kitchen, showers, toilets, group tents to sleep 150 people, storage and meeting tent is all set up. Praise God for the men and boys who helped us. Ask God to protect the facility from vandals and thieves.
  3. A new law has been passed recently restricting the harvesting of firewood. Pray that we would find the needed firewood for our camp. All our meals are cooked with wood.

  4. Vertical Boys Camp is July 19-30. Ask God to stir the hearts of parents to send their teenage boys to Vertical to become godly men.

Pavel U.

Director of Development

  1. Marketing CCI/Ukraine with all its programs. Ask God to call and send people in Ukraine to partner with CCI and to support this worthy ministry with prayer, finances and volunteering.
  2. Website managing. Pray for creativity in designing and updating the website and for people to respond
  3. Thank God for all the churches that are scheduled to rent the part of our tent camp we are not using. This provides revenue for CCI Ukraine. Ask God to give me wisdom and grace to manage these rental groups throughout the summer.
Stas K. DSC_2724_2_A

Stanislav K.

Alpha Camp Sports Director

  1. Thank God all sports leaders for our tent camp are recruited. Pray that nothing will hinder them from keeping their commitment.
  2. Sport activities create many “teachable moments”. Ask God to guide the sports instructors so they recognize these teachable moments and to graciously use them to build character.

Elana C.

CCI/Ukraine Bookkeeper

  1. Ukraine has one of the most complex bookkeeping systems in the world. Thank God that the monthly reports Elena prepares pass government inspection. Pray for Elena as she attends to every detail in record keeping and reporting.
IMGP2939 Oksana Magdych_A


Coordinator of the Staff Training Workshop in a country where Christian camps are illegal

  1. June 21, Oksana, Valentina, Viktor, Yulia and Slava depart from Kiev on a long treacherous journey by air and land to a country we cannot name for security reasons. Their return is July 3. Pray for safety for this team and for all the locals attending the STW.
  2. Thank God for Oksana and the team. Ask God to fill them with the Holy Spirit as they lead the STW, build relationships with the 80 camp leaders attending and teach their classes. Ask God to create a spirit of unity, learning and worship.
  3. This STW is very stressful for everyone involved. Ask God to protect them from those who intend to do harm. Thank God for the opportunity to have this workshop and pray that there will be no interruptions. Health is essential.
  4. Many sacrifices are made and risks taken by the local camp leaders to attend the STW. Pray that their love for God and their passion for souls will far exceed their circumstances so that nothing will prevent them from attending the STW, June 23-30.
  5. Ruslan is the local coordinator arranging all the logistics. His task is huge. Thank God for him and the support he receives from the local churches. Ask God to endow him with health, wisdom and grace to host the STW.
  6. This STW is the most expensive of all STWs KVI sponsors. Thank God for all who have already donated towards it. Ask God to provide what is still needed.


Coordinator of camping in a country where Christian camps are illegal

  1. Thank God for Misha, the churches and all the camp leaders who are taking the risks of organizing camps this summer. KVI has supplied them with tents so the camps are mobile for quick and easy relocation when circumstances require it.
  2. All tents and equipment are stored in a metal container located on a believer’s yard. The house has been sold so the container must be moved. Ask God to provide a safe place for the container.
  3. Thank God for the opportunity for the children and youth of this country to attend a Christian camp. Pray for courage for parents to send their children to camp and to trust God to protect them during camp.
  4. Ask the Lord of the harvest for a rich harvest of souls this summer. May the angels in heaven be rejoicing!

Valeri B.

President of Christian Camping Int’l Transcaucasus

    1. Praise God for the outstanding STW held May 22 – 28 with 76 camp leaders present. Some participant comments: “This workshop gave me new energy and incentive to serve in the camps.” “I realized that sports can be a very important tool in the work of evangelism.”

    2. Thank God for the five year lease agreement on a beautiful 30-acre campsite in Georgia. Valeri and his team have made it into a comfortable, practical and exiting place for churches to have their summer camps. The goal is to develop it into “the best camp in Georgia,” says Valeri.
    3. Pray for peace in Georgia, for protection from foreign intervention.
    4. Valeri, the person in charge of Christian camps in the Transcaucasus region, has many responsibilities. Ask God to give him health, wisdom, discernment and joy to give strong leadership to the camping community. And pray for his wonderful family.


Eldar L.

Guard and Maintenance Man of campsite
Greenhouse operator

  1. To help fund CCI/Transcaucasus, Valeri and his team have built five greenhouses to grow vegetables to feed campers and to sell in the market. The tomato harvest is in progress. Ask God to bless the project. Ask God to protect the greenhouses from overheating through the summer.

  2. Eldar is a faithful, competent, hardworking servant. Thank God for him and ask God to give him wisdom and health to manage all his responsibilities.
Astghik Mikaelyan_A

Astghik M.

Camping Coordinator for Armenia

  1. Thank God for Astghik and her husband David for the leadership they give to Christian camping in Armenia. David is the pastor of a Baptist church and is a sought-after teacher at our camping seminars. His church organizes and operates several camps.
  2. Ask God’s guidance for Astghik as she maintains contact with camp directors and churches, helping them to develop their camping ministries. Together with her committee she organizes several leadership training events each year. The May 23-29 STW was cancelled this year due to the war with a neighboring country.
  3. Over 5,000 children and youth attend a Christian camp in Armenia each summer. Thank God for every camp and camp worker. Ask God to supply all their needs and to bless them with every spiritual blessing.

Dave & Elfrieda Loewen

  1. God has provided a competent, dynamic staff to carry on the Christian camping ministry in the former Soviet Union. Our role is to serve as consultants and to provide the financial resources they cannot raise locally. We put much time and effort into informing people of God’s awesome deeds overseas to inspire them to pray. Raising prayer support is the most important part of our ministry.
  2. At the end of June we will be on our way to Germany to celebrate their 20 th Anniversary of Teen Camp operated by Christliche Freizeiten Internationale, a sister organization to KVI. KVI has worked with CFI since its inception in the early 1990’s. CFI helps to further Christian camping in the FSU and among Russian immigrants in Germany and USA. CFI has also helped to develop Christian camping in Brazil.
  3. On July 11 Dave will visit KVI’s camping activities in Ukraine, inspect our new Leadership Training Center and meet with staff and local board members. It is a joy to be part of this ministry. Pray for journey mercies and ask God to make us a blessing to all we meet.