God’s Awesome Deeds

God’s Awesome Deeds

Christian Youth Camps in the Former Soviet Union

by Dave & Elfrieda Loewen, KVI

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“Everyone gets excited when one speaks of miracles! This book is full of them. How is it possible that two Canadians were able to facilitate the establishment of hundreds of Christian camps in the Former Soviet Union? This book tells that story through the eyes of Dave and Elfrieda Loewen, Johannes Reimer ( a Russian Christian), camp staff, and those who were brought to Christ through this ministry and now serve as leaders in the Christian community around the world.

As you read this book, you will be encouraged and surprised at what God can do through people who are committed to Him and believe that prayer and miracles go hand in hand.”

Herb and Erna Buller

A Miracle of Prayer . . .

The suffering believers endured under the communist regime of the USSR is hardly imaginable. One would be hard pressed to find a faith-based family that didn’t experience torture, life-threatening persecution or loss of life. These suffering believers were joined in fervent prayer by millions of believers around the world.

Soon after the communist system collapsed, the rebuilding began. But the corruption of the old systrem was still in place, giving little opportunity for reall change. The need for divine intervention to re-establish the church, the Christian family, and moral living drove the believers to continue crisis praying.

Over and over our staff and campers told us how their hope was sustained through repeating The Lord’s Prayer which they had learned from their grandmothers. Every one of hundreds of Christian camps that came into being in the 1990’s was a product of intense prayer. This book is full of stories told by people whose lives were changed through Christian youth camps.

Meet the Authors

Dave & Elfrieda Loewen
Executive Directors of Kingdom Ventures Inc.

Teachers by profession; missionaries by calling, Dave & Elfrieda Loewen have given leadership to Christian camping since 1961 when they were called to serve at Camp Arnes in Manitoba, Canada. After three decades at Arnes, they founded Kingdom Ventures Inc., a ministry to establish Christian camping in the former Soviet Union. God has blessed them with three wonderful children and six brilliant grandchildren.