Leadership Development

KVI is committed to developing national young adults until they are equipped to organize and operate church-based camps where youth are evangelized and taught to love God with all their hearts and equipped to become ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Conferences, seminars and practical training events attended by up to 1000 students annually are held all over the former Soviet Union. $250 will send one student to a training event.

Orphan Camp

There are mega thousands of orphans in the former Soviet Union and the numbers are increasing. Few, if any, programs exist to prepare the orphans to integrate into society when they leave the orphanage at age 18. The casualty rate exceeds 80%. In this camp orphans learn to trust, love, forgive and to accept responsibility to prepare them to become God-honoring citizens of their country. $165 sponsors orphan to camp.

Leadership Resources

KVI publishes resources for camp leadership development in six languages. Bible Studies, Camp Staff Manuals, books for counselors, program leaders sports instructors and camp directors are part of the list of books published. These resources are indispensible for the training process. Generous donations are needed for publishing.

Camp Vertical

The purpose of Camp Vertical is to inspire boys ages 14 to 17 to become godly men. Faithful husbands and hero fathers are not found in many of the post-Soviet families. At Vertical, the boys study the lives of Abraham, David, Daniel, Joseph, Paul, Nehemiah, etc. as models for them to follow. After camp they are mentored for eleven months as they continue to study the lives of their new Bible heroes and learn to become like them. Each boy’s camp fee is subsidized $350 for the one-year program.

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Donations via Mail

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